Jean-Paul’s passion for scale models has grown little by little… post thumbnail image

Jean-Paul’s passion for scale models has grown little by little…

Jean-Paul Nigen has for many years had a real passion for miniature cars, at the whim of the purses and flea markets, he has patiently nurtured a collection whose quality can be admired in a room in the chief town.

The miniatures look good.

Norev, Majorette, Solido, Dinky Toys…

Jean-Paul Nigen has been exhibiting his innumerable vehicles at scale, from the 1/87th to the 1/12th, since the end of December at the chief town, 12 avenue Jules Bianco.

Personal manufacturing

A period well suited to Christmas, even if the greatest enthusiasts and collectors will also find their happiness here: from classic or sports cars to retro trucks, modern trucks and the Lambretta moped, the models invite memories or appeal to the imagination, and in any case are a feast for the eyes.

The passion of Jean-Paul, a 68-year-old native of Uginois, “also leads me to make trailers filled with wood, always on a small scale for large carriers”, adds our man.

From factory to trade shows

A life rich in professional experience.

From working at the factory for five years, from 1972 to 77, on the site in Ugin at the time of Ugine Kuhlmann, life would then lead Jean-Paul to transport at Escande Albertville, then at Praz-sur-Arly.

A paradise for scale models

There, as early as 1979, he ran a Mobil service station, the beginning of the adventure on axles,” says Jipé, “a time when fuel and garages in the mountains were still easy to find,” says Jipé.

Mechanical” health problems later forced him to be content with exhibiting his miniatures at the Rhone-Alpine trade fairs and beyond, as much for the pleasure of showing as for the pleasure of meeting and exchanging ideas around a passion shared by many amateurs throughout the region.

A place steeped in history

Before opening now this shop in a place full of stories… A real paradise for the scale model.

Cars, a hobby for amateurs, enthusiasts and collectors.the history of model cars goes back to 1880, when parents of modest families made toys for their children was just a wooden board and 4 1897, a miniature steam-powered car was designed and manufactured by the house of Charles France, the first automobile toys were produced in the 30’s by manufacturers named Bing, Carette, Pinard, Rossignol and le Jouet de Paris.The famous 1/43 scale models had become very popular thanks to Dinky Toys.The passion for miniature cars started during the period of the 2nd World War, especially in England, with wooden and plastic models.During the 50-60’s, the interest for this hobby grew steadily, there were more than 150 manufacturers and nearly 7000 different models in 1/43 e scale.The sales dropped as early as 1970 with the age of collectors and young people started to play video games.

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