Difference between Refugees and Immigrants

Debate or immigrant-themed debates continue to spark controversy and mixed themes. Once upon a time, the issue of “refugees” was discussed and at other times the theme of immigrants. The debate extends from European rule to the human obligation to help refugees. But what is clear, is whether the theme is refugees or migrant workers, until now there is no complete solution. To get I-9 verification, you need to visit our website.

Many people still argue that refugees from abroad are also called immigrants. Even though this is clearly very different. According to the Head of Representatives of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), refugees and immigrants from abroad are two different things.

Immigrants themselves are foreign nationals who come to Indonesia or vice versa. They come with a variety of reasons ranging from economic activities, family, want to settle down and just a task. Meanwhile, refugees are those who fled from their home countries to a country to live a more decent life. These refugees have no choice but to go to another country, because of war.

With this difference, the government is expected to know when there are foreigners who come whether he is a legal or illegal immigrant with those who have fled their country. Because so far some countries still often make arrests by the immigration service even though they are actually refugees.

These refugees are indeed not allowed to find work by the government. For the sake of funding, UNHCR has collaborated with various global agencies to provide funds for their lives. While given the training they are prepared to return to their country or go to the country they want for a better life. These refugees will not do anything negative in other countries because they also receive strict supervision. They left to start a better life. It is also impossible for them to make mistakes, especially in other people’s countries.

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