Fire Extinguisher Owners Must Know These 3 Common Causes Of Fire

There are 3 elements that cause fires that can occur that you need to know. You need to know these causes so you can do a thorough fire extinguisher survey before you buy one.

Here are the 3 causes of fire:

1. The presence of combustible material. Flammable substances can be from chemical substances looking for and combustible gases, for example, kerosene, LPG gas, matches, air freshener aerosols, alcohol-containing products such as perfume and spritus. As well as solid materials such as wood, paper, plastic.

2. There is a heat source. This heat source is in the environment around us such as heat sources from sunlight, electricity (with the short circuit), friction from two objects, chemical reactions, and compressed air.

3. There is enough oxygen. Fires occur due to chemical reactions between combustible materials and oxygen through the combustion process. The greater the oxygen level, the greater the fire will ignite. Under normal circumstances oxygen levels in the air range from 21%. Under normal conditions, the air will have sufficient levels to carry out the combustion process. In the air with oxygen levels half of the normal state, which is 12%, the air will be very difficult to cause the firing process, or it can be said there will be no burning of fire.

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