You Can’t Forget These Steps When You Paint A Wall

One of the most important steps in painting walls is to coat undercoat or primer which is also called the wall sealer, this layer serves as an adhesive between the paint and the wall. One of the functions of the wall sealer is to close the pores of the grout surface so that the paint layer above it is not wasteful and easily closes the surface of the grout so that the expected color will match the desired color and easily glue well. The basic color of the wall sealer is transparent to whitish. Remember for the results of the layer of wall sealer, do not sand it, wait until it is completely dry, then the wall paint can be done. Apart from that, you may call the best experts of xterior painting woodstock when you don’t have the time to paint the exterior wall of your house by yourself.

Then, you need to distinguish the paint specifically from the outside walls of the building (exterior paint) and special paint on the inner walls (interior paint). Each has a different paint mixture content, mass for exterior paint has a top coating layer that is rainproof and direct sunlight exposure.

Then we recommend using the same product brand from the time of the wall filler process, the wall sealer to the selection of the wall paint, to achieve the perfect paint result. But if you are forced, you can choose wall fillers and wall sealers with the same brand of a product and for wall paint can be with different product brands but at least with equal quality.

Furthermore, you must follow the mixed rule of the ratio of water to paint. Use the correct dose of water mixture. A runny mixture will cause the wall paint when overlaid onto the surface not easy to dry and it is not easy to cover the surface which results in wasteful paint, sometimes the result of wall paint appears there are droplets of water.