Types Of Ads That Customers Don’t Like

Advertisements are necessary for any business, especially online ones. Therefore, you should make the best ads for your customers so they will be convinced to buy your products. Unfortunately, there are some types of ads that customers don’t like, and you may want to avoid to use those ads or simply reduce its usage for your business so your customers won’t be annoyed by the ads that promote your business. Aside from that, you may rent the Craigslist Posting Services if your ROI isn’t increased after a long time.

Here are some of those ads that you must know:

Auto-play videos

These types of ads start to play itself without the user clicks on the play icon on the videos. Therefore, it may be intrusive for most people, especially for those who want to save their internet data plan.

Big pop-up ads in the middle of a web page

When ads block a website’s content, there’s a high chance for customers to feel disturbed by it.

Large or multiple gifs ads

These types of ads may slow down some people’s PC loading speed, especially those with the low-end PCs.