The Differences In Embroidery And Sewing

In sewing, there are three types of stitches as the basis for sewing, namely direct seams, building stitches and embroidery stitches. Some machines are able to do all three while some can only do building and embroidery stitches. The building stitch is sewing two pieces of cloth or finishing the edges on a piece of cloth. Additionally, when you look for the embroidery companies near me, just avoid the ones without a well-known reputation.

Embroidery stitches are generally more decorative or an art that describes details on clothing. Embroidery is made based on design. Embroidery includes an average of 30-40 embroidery threads that are repeated, the technique of creating textures on the fabric, creating edge patterns and then filling them with color. By using an embroidery machine, many people use this service in sewing uniforms because they save more time and effort, and of course for beauty.

The average embroidery machine is used in commercial needs. Sewing machines generally do not have the capacity to handle that much need.

Another major difference between the two machines is that the machine for embroidery can change the original data in the form of manual design into a computer and offer more patterns obtained by downloading or scanning. The person who made the embroidery design was known as the puncher or embroidery digitizer. The Digitizer uses special software to make the object of embroidery design easier to change and edit.

Compared to sewing machines, it is usually used when two pieces of fabric want to be sewn into one, of course, that is the main function. So many people choose to use an embroidery machine that has creative benefits for the beauty of clothing and building a product.

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