The Fact Behind People’s Decision To Not Praying

We often hear that prayer is the breath of Christian life. Prayer is a very important and essential part of the life of believers. However, in reality, prayer is one part that we often ignore. Why don’t we pray? Some people may think that they don’t need God so they don’t have reasons to pray. Before we talk more about a prayer request, you must know the reason why people don’t pray.

We come to God because we realize that God is the source of our lives and God also sustains and nurtures our lives. In other words, we realize the absolute dependence of our lives on God. However, often in our daily lives, we do not carry out our faith. We tend to live out that humans can fulfill and control their own lives.

This is the first reason we don’t pray. We do not feel we need anything from God, because everything we need has been and what we want can also be obtained through self-reliance and self-effort. We feel that we can have everything we need to meet our needs and solve the problems of our lives. We think we have the logical ability and knowledge that we can continue to deepen to solve the difficulties we face. We also feel that we can learn from our own experiences and those of others. In addition, we feel we have enough talent and skills to be successful in life.

In the case we face a problem, we prefer to find out ways that have proven successful in solving the problem. We prefer to analyze everything from logical or illogical aspects, possible or impossible, proven or not proven. Prayer is in the umpteenth order on our agenda and is only a complement that may or may not exist in our struggles. Prayer is no longer an essential thing.

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