These Are Tips To Choose A Genset (Generator Set)

Purchasing a generator is an investment for your home, especially if your residential area is included in the area where electricity from State Electricity Company is not yet stable or is often ‘dead lights’. ‘Lights off’ are usually as a result of blackouts planned to save the components of the State Electricity Company power plant or because of frequent damage caused by waiting for parts from the center. Meanwhile, you may call the best electrician columbia sc if you need the best electrician to help you install new electrical appliances at home.

Here are some tips for you to choose a genset:


The first way is to determine what electrical devices require electricity in everyday life besides the lighting. Television? Refrigerator? Freezer? Water pump? AIR CONDITIONING? Fan? If only for the ‘dead light’ condition, specify an electrical device that really needs to be turned on. Calculate the number of watts of electricity needed then use a generator that has a capacity slightly higher than your home needs.


There are two types of generators on the market.

The first type is a standby type generator. This type is a generator set that is permanently connected to a home electrical installation. This standby generator will turn on automatically when the State Electricity Company power supply is cut off. Instead, it will turn off automatically when the State Electricity Company electricity is connected again. This generator is usually gas-fired.

The second type is a portable generator. This type of generator is only connected to a home electrical installation when needed. This generator uses diesel or gasoline and produces exhaust fumes from the exhaust pipe. This generator must be placed outside the house so that we avoid carbon monoxide gas produced as a result of internal combustion and also avoid engine noise.


Collect as much information about generator sets with certain brands & types. Information such as an after-sale warranty, parts warranty and a clear service center. Choose a generator that has a brand that is clearly tested. Avoid buying a generator with an unclear brand just because you are chasing low prices. Low prices are not necessarily a good investment, if it turns out the quality is bad.

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