Tips for Following Science Classes

Do you agree that science is one of the most difficult fields to study? Indeed, there is no magical learning method that is guaranteed to be effective for everyone. Remember, each person has its own uniqueness so it must have different learning method preferences. Therefore, try to find the method that is most suitable and effective for you. If one method doesn’t work, don’t hesitate to try another method. Do not give up! After finding the most appropriate learning method, improve your learning routine at mcgill university and perfect the method so that it feels more natural for you.

Read the material to be learned before the class starts. Each science class must have certain reading material or reference books. Most likely, your instructor will explain what material you need to read before taking the next class. To strengthen your understanding, try to take the time to really read and study the material before the class begins. First knowing what to talk about in a class is effective in helping your brain to absorb instructor’s explanations more effectively when the time comes. Mark various important terms and concepts in the reading material or your reference book. Write down all the questions that appear regarding the material you are reading. If the question is not answered by the teacher in the class, do not hesitate to raise your hand to ask.

Note the teacher’s explanation. Some instructors will only read out the information contained in the reference book. Meanwhile, there are also teachers who elaborate on the explanation of the material. If your instructor just repeats the information that has been written in the book, it is best to focus on paying attention to the words rather than recording all the explanations in the book. However, if your instructor elaborates the material by providing information that is not listed in the book, or if he discusses a new concept in the class, make sure you record all of the explanations.

Some teachers equip their students with copies of the presentation sheet. The material will actually greatly help your learning process! If this is the case, simply record things that are not listed on the presentation sheet instead of recording all the information presented.

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